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LQ Milano unveils New Jungle Jamba Collection

New Delhi, June 13, 2023: The new nature collection of LQ Milano’s Jungle Jamba is as lively as it gets. Wear beautiful and bold tropical patterns that make your child look chic and cute. These designs bring out the fun and vibrancy of the jungle. It showcases a wide variety of dresses, jumpsuits, coord sets, and tops, suited to the comfort and liking of every little girl.

Krazy Kiwi Dress:

This dress comes with simple shoulder straps, smoking at the chest and straight cut knee length ending with a frill. Such a no hassle piece.

The materials used in the dress are polyester and cotton with a composition of 70% and 30% respectively. The piece stands out given its smoked chest and frilled detailing. To accessorize, a scrunchy would complement it perfectly.

Available on: Krazy Kiwi Dress – Lqmilano

MRP: Rs 1599/-

Flower Valley Shift Dress:

A simple knee length dress always works for every occasion and season. The flower valley shift dress has a simple round neck, is sleeveless and has a pleated body.

The material composition is 70% polyester and 30% cotton. To Accessorize, is the best choice. Round neck and pleats give a stylish look to this chic piece.

Available on:Flower Valley Shift Dress  – Lqmilano

MRP: 1599/-

Toucan Tots Shift Dress:

This design has a statement toucan print with flowers. The Vibrant colors make the bird stand out as a design. The dress is a simple sleeveless shift dress with a round neck.

The material composition is 7-% polyester and 30% cotton.  The toucan pattern is a statement in itself. Headband is the perfect accessory with this dress.

Available on: Toucan Tots Shift Dress – Lqmilano

MRP: 1599/-

Lime Love Flared Sleeves Top:

It’s a simple top with flared half sleeve that adds all the glamour to the piece. The fitting is simple with a round neck, but the sleeve steals the show here.

Made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton, this attire gas flared shoulders, stitching detail and a round neck.

Available on: Lime Love Flared Sleeves Top – Lqmilano

MRP: 1199/-

Dancing Diva Jumpsuits:

Jumpsuits are the most liked and comfy outfits for kids. Kids can be carefree and move around the way they want in jump-suits. With these zebra print jumpsuits, they can hop and dance around just like zebras. Hence the choice of this pattern. What makes these jumpsuits special is the frilled straps and smoked yoke. Available in two colors.

Made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton, this outfit has elasticated shoulders, straps, smoking yoke, statement print. An elasticised headband would complement the attire well.

Available on: Dancing Diva Jumpsuit  – Lqmilano

MRP: 1699/-



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