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KL Deemed to be University hosted a free Ophthalmology Camp to Create Awareness around Eye Care Education

Hyderabad, August 29, 2023: KL Deemed to be University, one of India’s leading universities hosted a three-day free ophthalmology camp under the auspices of its Women Development Cell in collaboration with Vasan Eye Hospital doctors. The camp was organised at the indoor stadium of the university campus. The primary goal of organising the eye camps was to raise awareness among these people and provide them with services like eye care education, thorough eye examinations, medical care, and so on.

Eye health is vital, especially for our young learners and IT professionals who spend prolonged periods staring at computer screens. Extended screen time can result in eye strain, dry eyes, and other forms of computer vision syndrome. Early detection can make a significant difference in their academic and overall well-being. The University emphasizes this through annual vision screenings.  During the camp, both teachers and students received eye check-ups. Essential medicines were given out free, and spectacles were provided to those in need. Approximately 150 faculty and students from the University benefited from these tests.

Commenting on the initiative, Prof. G G.Pardha Saradhi, Vice-Chancellor of KL Deemed-to-be University, said, “Our aim with this endeavour was not just to conduct eye tests but also to educate people about the importance of eye health and necessary precautions. We’re delighted to partner with Vasan Eye Hospital, whose expertise has been invaluable. Many people are unaware of existing treatments and preventive measures for eye health. It’s our commitment to not only provide top-notch education but also to ensure the well-being of our students and faculty.”

On the occasion, Ophthalmologist from Vasan Eye Hospital Ms.Sneha Benari expressed her views around the eye being the most important of all organs. Nowadays, the existing tropic and vehicle lights are causing much harm to the eyes she detailed. In addition, she advised to use goggles to protect the eyes from the dust rising on the roads.  Especially those who work on computers should take proper care of their eyes.

Under the presence of Dr K. S. Jagannatha Rao, Pro Chancellor and other senior officials, along with the faculty members and students, the event was conducted successfully.



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