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FORE School of Management launches innovative training program Supply Chain Management & Logistics with Drone Applications

New Delhi, January 06, 2024: FORE School of Management launches a new training program on “Supply Chain Management & Logistics with Drone Applications”. The program has been designed jointly by the FORE School of Management and FORE Institute of Drone Technology and Research. The course will be available offline at both the campuses, providing immense opportunities to the learners for real-time interaction with the faculty.

This ground-breaking program is unique as it combines training on Supply Chain Management and Logistics along with training on drones and related applications. It has a creative curriculum designed to equip supply chain and logistics professionals with unique skills required in current business scenarios as per the industry requirements. Participants would get an opportunity to see drone use cases and applications as well as drone operations on a simulator. The last day of enrollment is January 15, 2024.

Spokesperson, FORE School of Management said, “We are thrilled to introduce this new training program which will empower students to efficiently integrate drone technology while grasping the nuances of contemporary logistics. With a thorough grasp of supply chain dynamics, students can operate more effectively and remain one step ahead of the constantly evolving market. Our dedication to innovation makes sure that graduates are prepared to face obstacles and progress to constructive change.”

This course is beneficial for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals along with startups and individuals looking to develop their careers in supply chain and logistics, as they will be able to learn about drone applications for addressing logistics challenges



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