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Escaro Royale Redefines Men’s Footwear with the launch of AirFlexLite

AirFlexLite: Looks Formal, Feels Sneaker

New Delhi, October 09, 2023: Escaro Royale, a premium men’s footwear brand, has unveiled its latest AirFlexLite collection for men with a focus on comfort. The newly launched collection seamlessly blends formal elegance with sneaker-like comfort, offering the ultimate solution for men seeking lightweight, comfortable, and stylish footwear that can be worn from dawn to dusk.

Say goodbye to clunky footwear weighing you down. Crafted in Italy, and made in India, the AirFlexLite collection comes with a wide range of shoes with each shoe weighing less than 300 grams making them amongst the lightest leather shoes on earth.  Priced from INR 9999 up to INR 20,000, the collection has memory foam insoles that help eliminate the discomfort and foot pain associated with formal footwear.

Crafted from high-quality brushed leather, each shoe from the collection requires minimal daily maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience. The European handcrafting methods and the application of a special epoxy finish make AirFlexLite shoes stylish and durable, ensuring they can be a part of the wardrobe for years to come. The shoes are versatile and ensure an effortless transition from office to leisure.

Mr. Ambud Sharma, who serves as the Global CEO and General Manager of Business Development at Escaro Royale, said, the launch of AirFlexLite represents a monumental milestone in the brand’s journey. This achievement is the result of an intensive collaboration with young urban professionals, wherein we’ve discerned the precise attributes they demand in footwear to cater to their bustling lives. These inclinations encompass a design that feels nearly weightless, exceptional cushioning, adaptability in style, and a contemporary interpretation of age-old craftsmanship. Each shoe, weighing less than 300 grams, utilizes a specially engineered composite sole to ensure an exquisite user experience. These attributes have been seamlessly woven into the AirFlexLite, an exceptional shoe that harmoniously fuses the qualities of a formal shoe, a sneaker, and laid-back footwear, presenting the epitome of adaptability and comfort for the modern, fast-paced lifestyle.

Sustainability is at the core of Escaro Royale as the collection is designed keeping the environment in mind. Lightweight footwear with 30% recycled materials, not only reduces the shipping cost but also lowers the carbon footprint. The use of sustainable, non-toxic vegetable paints further emphasizes the brand’s commitment to a greener planet. That’s not it, the orders are shipped in 100% recycled packaging.



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